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Noel Fielding, Serge Pizzorno interview: “Kids are so conservative now. When did imagination disappear?”
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Photo 18 Oct Fine and dandy turned 3 today!

Fine and dandy turned 3 today!

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instead of flirting guys should just start doing weird complex dances in colorful outfits to seduce us like most birds of paradise do to attract mates


what do you think k-pop is

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A taste of the Amazing Sculptures of Gregor Gaida

Polish artist Gregor Gaida ( Based in Germany ). The most surprising thing about his work is that most of these almost photographic sculptures are carved from wood (and then combined with aluminium, polyester and acrylic resin) His sculptures often depict strange compositions of animals or interactions between people. Txt Via


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Kick ass magazines in Borderlands

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Tediore User Instructions - Richard Lee Roberts
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